Hello! I know its been almost a month plus since I last blogged.

Was really busy. *ahem* with work and supposingly study.

Yes. Another MIA moment for around two weeks from now. Bear with me kkkkk?

If you been following me on Instagram, bet you thought I went for a food galore at Penang? ;)

The fact is cruel. I wasn't there for leisure but for work, instead.

My first time being outstation for work.

5 days at another state, 5 days calling the hotel, my temporary home.

Really an experience.

I had to get up almost 7am to get ready to go to branch and only get back to hotel around 11pm (averagely) everyday. Haven't include the time waiting for my turn to clean up myself and dry my Rapunzel long hair. So, that makes me sleep at almost 1 in the morning. @@

Tiring but enjoyable.

Because the food there and the scenery there.. You could just push that tiredness aside.

These were my welcoming meal. My lunch on Monday! *drools* I don't think they need anymore introduction. These were all from Lorong Selamat.

My Tuesday's breakfast. Purposely woke up early to get our stomachs filled with these two yummies. I can only tell you that this coffee shop is located directly opposite the Balai Polis Pulau Tikus. Don't worry, that area is not an island filled with rats. Totally no. Ha-ha-ha. >< Get there early. By 9 or 10am, they will be all gone!

Prawn Mee.


My Tuesday's supper. Lolol. Up to now, do you feel I have over ate? Can you imagine how much I ate during my stay there? *faints* I am now traumatized and scarred with the sight of food. Lololol.
These are all from the coffeeshop called Sin Yin Nam Cafe, Lorong Baru. The sight of hawker stalls along the lane is so comforting. Lolol. Food comforts me. :P

Grilled cuttlefish.

Chee Cheong Fun, Penang style.
 (I personally cannot take it. The sauce in the picture above is our rojak buah's sauce *faints* But my colleague told me this is not how it's suppose to taste like.)

Asam Laksa. 

For the next few days, we had breakfast in hotel. Too tired to go out already. Yes, the thought of 7-11 might not be tiring, but when you do your work for such long hours.. your brain just don't feel like doing anything anymore. Get that feeling? Really had to thank that colleague of mine that drove us around during our stay here. He's the man. He know every corner well and where to get the awesome stuffs. :D

The famous Gurney Drive.

  I queued for quite sometime for this Char Kuey Teow. I watched the cook and I feel I can fry my own Char Kuey Teow ler. Lol. Like so easy only. :X Dare to try?

You should also try this when you are Gurney! Rojak!

After dinner, we head to hunt for the famous street art of the two siblings. Boy, it was hard to locate them in the dark. But, one benefit doing this in the night is that there's no one crowding the area. Hahahaha. Unfortunately, we are able to find three of them only. As they are not located at the same street. A little bit sad. :(

Thursday's night supper was Nasi Kandar. Heavy supper. Omg. Broke my eating rule. Guilty as charged. But, sigh. Already there, might as well try right? There was a queue but, it wasn't long. The kuah is so awesome. No need lauk pun okay ler.

Enough of food pictures. Hahaha. I have tortured myself and you by writing this post. Oh man, I miss Penang. I miss hearing Hokkien language around me. Macam kaki lang leh (own people? lolol).

Okay la, have a good week ahead. Tata!



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