7 hours in the Woods

Papa Ng has been pestering us to follow him for a hike in Bukit Saga ever since like.. forever.

Lol and us being kids, has been ignoring it too till one fine day.. he invited us to join the Merdeka eve celebration up there.

Yup, you didn't read it wrongly. It's this coming Tuesday night and up in the hills. Everyone is welcomed to join. Lolol let's just hope it's a #legit party in the woods.

But before that, Papa Ng said we should familiarize ourselves with the route before deciding to join the eve celebration which will be held when the sun is down.

Papa Ng said #safetyfirst

Okay lor. So, Saturday is trial run day.

Papa Ng says, "You don't have to start early, because it did be congested with crowds walking up and down the treks."

Well, #truestory. Believe me while you read on.

We started our hike at 10.45am using Trail B's entrance.And boy, my heart was beating like mad. #longtimenoworkoutislikethis #roticanaiwasmakingitswayup lolol

After a good 45 minutes up those mean treks, we arrived at..

Bukit Saga

psst, they have a Pokestop up here. lolol

Tell me about dedication for this place, there's a volunteer group that cleans up the area.. and they set up hammocks for you to lay...

and ponder on what is life all about.


We laze for a good half an hour before heading to Station 6:Ah Pek Hill. And, the route was pleasurable. Flat land. I repeat, FLAT.

I always thought Ah Pek Hill = Bukit Saga. Apparently, that's not the case.

You know, they are enjoying nature when they built a freakin' tree house up there

This station have a stall selling canned drinks. If you don't think to splurge, they prepare you water for free of charge. Nice or not?

We paused here to have our Nasi Lemak lunch. It was so so good. Good job to Papa Ng for packing our lunch.

Chatted with an Indian couple who so happens to be resting there, and told us the waterfall is nearby! That's it, we so gonna soak ourselves in that cold water!

We continued our journey to the waterfall, thinking it did be a short walk.

Hey, Mario. Your food!

But, actually no.
We've missed Station 5 and reached station 3A. Lolol.

No, let me swing first.

We had to walk back up and it wasn't easy. The trek was steep. Roots to roots. Especially the ones that right before the waterfall. Steep! No children, please. I did be having a heart attack looking at kids going through these treks. Scary!

Finally. All to ourselves.

By the time, we have already spend almost 4-5 hours in the woods.

I was so exhausted after the waterfall that I actually don't mind spending in the woods for the night. I mean, it should be better than spending 2 hours hiking back to the car right? Lolol. It sounds logical to me that time.

The hike is a real challenge, but thankfully the stations have water supplies. They have people around. The hike overall feels really safe for city people like us.

Spending 7 hours in the woods by far, our first ever extreme hike. But, its partially due to the wrong turns we've made.

Gotta say I'm impressed with my dad's stamina. Hahaha

Now suffering thigh ache. Lol.



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