Oven Baked Zucchini Chips

My love for chips got real seriously recently. No idea why. 

I hardly snack last time. Not sure why but now, I hunt for Lays and Mister Potato almost every single week. (Oh-My-gawd, much fatness Swee Ann)

In order to manage my cravings, Pinterest sort of have the solution. Oven Baked Zucchini Chips, it is.

I happily wanted to bake my mum's Japanese cucumber, thinking it was zucchini. (No, Swee Ann, you fool. lolol) Thank goodness my mum manage to stop me in time. 

Anyway, I got my zucchini  at RM3 plus at Hero and off we baked!

It failed to be chips tho.

It taste good, but no, not chips.

Ingredients are really source able. That's the most important thing when you are filtering the recipes, right? It has to be practical and most importantly, cheap.

Yup, that's all it says in the recipe. 

If you noticed, there are two kinds of cutting method. Using the grater (Obviously, I had no energy consistency in getting it shred at the same thickness) and the right side of the plate was sliced by knife.

Coating 'em.

Em' baked.

Ah man, the recipe stated 30 minutes, but I definitely took two hours and, it wasn't even closed to becoming a crispy chips!

And, actually the temperature was supposed to be higher.. looked at my poor zucchini! Already almost burnt even though its not the recommended temperature. *tears I sat there beside the oven for a good two hours, observing the development. *worried

To make matter worst, it became soggy the next day. In order to avoid food wastage, I pan fried it till dry and it wasn't the zucchini that I've known any more.

But, I will try again next time, because it tasted nice.



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