Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri La Hotel KL


Lucky girl got to celebrate her birthday again. This time at Shangri La Hotel over her birthday weekend. Thank you, Mr Ng for the continuously spoiling me. Lolol

When the boy first told me that we are having a SEAFOOD BUFFET dinner, I actually told him that I might not be able to eat as much as the buffet price worth. Lolol #EconomicalAuntyBeingEconomical

He told me to just try and experience for once, since we have not been there.


 The garden area outside the lobby.

 Testing the camera.

Followed by the obligatory #OOTD picture.

 Not bad right? #CertifiedInstagramBf

I, on the other hand, failed the #InstagramGf certification miserably. Hahahaha he's never satisfied with my photography skills. #HardtoLayan lolol

Our buffet dinner starts at 6.30pm to 10.30pm. We only managed to hold on till 9.30pm. By then, we were so full and comfortable, we could fall asleep right there and then. Hahaha

The highlight of this buffet is the unlimited flow of fresh seafood. Everyone just continuously attacked that station just too make their buffet fees worth it. Lolol or is it just me?

Em' juicy oyster. 

I wasn't really a fan of oyster la, to be honest. But this time, it's really good and fresh. I took a few of it, while secretly calculating the cholesterol level. Update! According to Google, seafood contain some cholesterol, but they are low in saturated fat and contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids as long as you don't take it fried or battered. #LessGuilty

My only favourites were the Alaskan King Crab claw and the oysters. Others were just meh.

Despite the cholesterol level concern, the cafe surprisingly is filled with senior citizens. Mostly there for what looks like a gathering to me and, enjoying plates of fresh seafood. Hahahaha


Totally a syok sendiri selftimer picture, but it turned out to be a really nice picture of us. 




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