Your Coffee Speaks of You

Last night, I suddenly had the inspiration to make coffee cubes. The weather is pretty hot recently. Thinking a good cup of cold coffee would be nice.

Besides, it's pretty simple and satisfying to look at the end result. I mean, when you look at the dark brown coffee cube dissolving in the warm milk... It's kind of therapeutic. 

*wink* Iced Latte

That's the most expensive tumbler I've splurge on.. while visiting the Hello Kitty house in Bangkok last year.. Tell me about obsession. 

Well, I used the coffee machine to brew the coffee, waited it to cool down and scooped it into the ice tray. Off to the freezer, it go!

And, this morning, all I need to do was, to make the milk warm with some brown sugar. (For a touch of sweetness) You add on the coffee cubes thereafter.

Pretty simple right? You can do a few batch at a time, to be stored in the freezer.

Latte drinkers, do you agree what was described below? 

Well, I have a lot of cuddly toys. :P



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