How to: cheer someone up!

Okay if you don't think you live on this planet to cheer someone up all the time..

Or... If you don't want to be consoled by other people because you might think you are bothering them with your problems... As they too have their problems..

This would work for you just fine too! Haha..

Just that it will be called self cheering up. Hee. A little pathetic. Macam #foreveralone.jpg

Okay don't worry about being foreveralone.jpg. sad.

Sometimes the problem you face.. You can't tell it out to people. People have their perspectives and sometimes our mindset does not fit to theirs.

So in the end its by yourself. Facing it, thinking of solutions would make you feel a little under the weather, i think one of the methods above does work.

Haha secretly eating something yummy always works best for me!! Haha ice cold stuffs calm me down.

And sometimes when its too much to handle, sleep to reset brain for a fresher start. Always work for me too! Hehe.

Hope everything will be fine.
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