DIY: Dreamcatcher

This is how a dream catcher looks like.
Do you know that they are supposed to be place beside your bed?
Do you know it is said to filter our dreams when we are asleep?
Do you know good dreams will pass through the hole in the middle of the dreamcatcher and down to the feathers so it will go to the sleeper?
Do you know the bad dreams will stay at the dreamcatcher and vanish when the sun rise up the next morning?
Hahaha now you know. It’s up to you to choose whether to believe or not. :)
I like how this things works. I like the idea of it.
This made me fascinated every time I saw it in the malls and always wanted to own one when I was young.
Haha not looking at toys but dreamcatcher.
It was expensive that time as it’s hand made by the Native Americans and the materials all are leather and nice feathers.
I’m a dreamcatcher fan! #obsessed
Till I splurge on this necklace. :X No regrets. Hahaha
Oh well. One is not enough. Thus I decided to make one to put at my bedside.
Google searched DIYd.
Materials are treasure hunt-ed at house’s store room. Including feathers from dusters. HAHA cheapo me.
Oh well FOC dreamcatcher. Happy me. No hole in purse.
My very own one. :)
Here are the instructions if you are interested to make one yourself.
Nightmares be gone. Hopefully. Haha



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