My Valentinessss

Haha notice the sssss behind there.

I got more dates than you do!!!

Hahaha you jelly?

While you celebrate with one.. I celebrate with many! ;)

Hehe the bliss of being able to do thissss.

Okay okay i sounded like i went out with many guys. :9

The fact is.. Nope i didn't do that!

Out with a bunch of single friends for dinner on the actual day.

Steamboat-ed at a place near maluri jusco for its yummy-licious pumpkin porridge steamboat.

And hehe this year is different.

I received gifts!

Being foreveralone.jpg, when i received gifts.. I have that awkward moment when i have no idea how to react. Opss.

After years with my dear, her first valentine's gift to me is... *tada!*

Its customize-able. I super like it!

Huhu my first bouquet. :)

Pretty! Thankssss, you know who you are. ;)

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