Owl-ed my tumbler!

I've been doing many arts & craft things lately.

Haha yes, i've got more D.I.Ys project to keep me occupied soon.

Thanks a lot to pinterest.com.

If you like all these arts & crafts, they have many nice pretty ideas there. From self grooming to recipes to fashion.

No idea why but doing this D.I.Y stuffs are super calming and satisfying when the end result turns out to be pretty. :)

Maybe overly disappointed with my calculating skills recently.

Now there's something that i can actually do, feels successful in the end. :/ Haha is it i sounded so hurt by my results? I'm fine. I'm fine. :)

Anyway, presenting my tumbler's make over. Trust me, I'll give him plenty of make overs in the future. ;)



I drew it kay. Many thought i printed it out. Kakaka is my art really that good? Hehe. Should i change field? Lol.

Why owls? I like vintage looking owls. #owlobsession since last year. If you noticed.

Nice or not nice not nice not nice not nice not nice not nice not nice not nice not???

Have a nice nice weekend. :)
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