Doraemon World Tour

I told people I went up to Genting just to catch the Doraemon Exhibition.
They looked at me with a look. You kid me not right?!
Actually my mum didn’t really approve this kind of things.
Oh well. Give and take. I get to have my happy ending. :)
Initially I heard about this exhibition early of the year but wouldn’t bother about it until I saw a friend posting up pictures of it in Facebook which looks kind of like.. NICE. I NEED TO GO THERE ASAP.
Heard that it’s ending at 5th of February sounded so impossible.
Thank goodness for Federal Territory Day, I get to see them. Woohoo~ Thanks for the public holiday! :/
If you have seen pictures on Facebook, do you realise that the number of us who went to see them does not match the tickets we have here in hand? 5 of us with 8 tickets. Hahaha.
You know why?
Because of these. Friends willing to pay them to get these. Fanatic enough right?
This is what they have inside the Arena Of Stars.
When you see them, suddenly you felt so familiar with all the scenes and items.
When I was small, the comic books are my entertainment. I used to go to news stands to choose the comics. Mum will give me money to buy them. Huhu childhood memories. Feel xing fu.

Nobita. The zero sport fella. The zero marks exam recipient. But yet, a pretty girl falls for him. Sizuka. :)
Later, there are all of them performing on stage. The famous theme song.
Actually we thought that we missed out the picture taking session with them. I thought the first 30 families that comes at 10am will get to meet and take picture with them.
We rushed but couldn’t make it on time. Disappointed but later felt delighted that we didn’t actually missed them. :)
Picture perfect! But, aren’t you curious who is in Doraemon? Quite small size right? :/
They are such sporting people. They went up on stage to make sure we get the chance to take picture with Mon Mon & his friends first! They did. :)
This is camwhoring in front of the stage without feeling shy. Actually we are waiting to take picture with Mon Mon. Personally like this picture. Long legsssss. Hahahahha.
Since it’s a bit not worth to own them, we have pictures as memories. hehehe
Doraemon-ception. You can’t tell who is who right? Hahaha all same face with almost same post.
Huhu really enjoyed that day. :) I felt like a kid.
Mind reset to child. Opsss can this be a reason to be childish for these few days? :P



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