The Devil Inside

"Connect the cuts, connect the cuts, connect the cuts"

@@ this sentence won't mean anything to you if you have not watch this new horror? Thriller? movie, The Devil Inside.

Haha since when Miss Swee Ann got the guts to go into the theaters to watch this kind of genre..

I wondered too.

Maybe partly due the passes to catch this movie are sponsored by Nuffnang. (me a lucky winner! Haha. Yay second time lucky.)

Since its free, why not rightt ?

Since its a pair of passes, i went with my senior.

I never knew he is such of a fan to these kind of movies.

And according to the fan of horror movie, he certified this movie a good one. Which I agree.

You know some horror or thriller movie have weak story line.. Like you will be able to predict what's next.. And things gets lame... and lamer

But not this.

This is... Not that normal movie.

Imagine A GUY nearby kept saying shit shit shit... When gruesome scene starts.

You know the level of horror ness in this movie.

But, I didn't hear any girls screaming tho. Hmmm. :P

There's like possessions by demon scenes, bone breaking scenes, devil transferring to another body scenes...

Based on a true story, i heard. And it remained unsolved till now.

Is it true?

Huhu thank goodness i was able to sleep in the night.

Opss 2pm. Back to work! :P
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