Ann's Day

Woah, finally had the time to sit and reflect back what had happened. #ThrowBackPost

Just in case you didn't know, Ann's Day was on 5th of August! Yay Happy Birthday to me! Now my age can round up to the nearest 10, which is 30. Gasp

This year, all I can say is I am very blessed to be able celebrate it like a Queen! And, it started all the way back to the week before.

My cousin made me, my favorite fruit tarts! Gobbled them down within few minutes.

Followed by red packets from my parents, few days in advanced. Hahaha

Continued with Meatball Feast in Ikea Cheras with my ex collagues. Made them sing in front of a slice of cheesecake. #taktaumalu
Receiving Flowers
On the actual day, I went to work as usual with an additional stress as I had a meeting in the morning. And, received a pleasant surprise when I was on my way back to the office after the meeting. I received a call from a courier company that goes:

👦(Despatch boy): Hello Miss Ng Swee Ann ye. Nak hantar barang. *Thinking of my shoes purchased online* Tak dapat jumpa la.
👧: Mana you?
👦: Jalan Manis 3.
👧: *Proceeds with direction* *Pause* you hantar APA? *Thinking I've never used office address for delivery*
👧: APA?! 😂😂 *Drives back office excitedly*

My bloom.

Surprise Birthday Cake
While I was rushing to finish my work before my a week long leave, I received a call from my director stating he would like to explain some new jobs that is risk related. I was like Ah man. New job? 

So, I went down and listen to him intently because it wasn't the usual work I use to do. Suddenly, the office black out and a cake appeared. Hahaha I didn't expect this.  

Birthday Dinner with Family
After another happy occasion, I honestly can't wait to finish work as I've planned a dinner at Black Market, Kg Pandan with my family to end the day. The bf manage to reach KL just in time for the dinner. Double awesomeness.

Pardon the food photos. I was in a hurry, given that everyone was hungry. This is the best I could get. My parents were satisfied with the food. So Phew.

We had each a pint Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc beer as starters.

 Cigar Kampung Chicken, RM48

 Smoked Duck Pasta, RM36

 Presa (Pork Neck, Papa's  favourite), RM69

 Big S Pork Ribs, RM56

Kani Goma Salad, RM18

We shared these among four of us.

After that, we had a slice of complementary cheese cake as it was my birthday month and I spend more than RM150 in the total bill.

Here comes the embarrassing part or, more like the sporting waiters being sporting. The waiter came to serve us the slice of cake and a candle. My dad was like no sing song ah? The next second, all waiters start to sing and the crowd joined along. Hahaha letmehidemyfacepls.

Yup, that's about it. 



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