Big blue skies, broad blue seas

"You create your own opportunities."

Do you think opportunity comes by as luck or pure hard work?

I'm thinking more on the hard work and a tiny bit of luck. Perhaps, a 80 : 20 ratio?

If you want something, work towards it and I believe there's an opening somewhere. 💪💪

After the CNY break or the 💰 (you get what I mean 😬), on and off, the colleagues were discussing among ourselves on what 2017 have for us. Most of them were skeptical and indecisive on their next move. Worry to change. Worry of new things and environment.

But, I guess the most important question whenever you're on a dilemma is, will you regret not doing xxx or doing yyy?

Life's just too short for regrets right?

Just for example, recently I've got a hotel assignment to Langkawi. And, it only requires me to work eat sleep and repeat for a whole week in the hotel. No claims because it's all provided.

Till on a weekend, I just decided to spend some money to rent a car and round the island.

I mean, I will totally regret not looking on these pretty views since I was there.

Big blue skies, broad blue seas.

The pontoon view.

A photo shoot.

Watching sunset.

By witnessing this, the mind sets free a little. Appreciating the things that happens around us. How the nature works.

Living life as it fullest because we don't know what will happen tomorrow. Posting this, realising I'm turning 27 this year. 

Don't wish that they restrict themselves from facing new challenges when they are still young. #ITellYouThisIsTheRightTimeToGoAllOut



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