Mini Cooker

Bet you guys don't know the new trend to #LunchBoxes is #CookingYourLunchOnTheSpot yo.

Hahaha thanks to Taobao, everything is made possible. #ThanksColleaguefortheIntroduction

Bringing lunch boxes are fun, but at times, you just crave for a simple hot meal at cold rainy afternoons.

My lunch boxes are often prepared on the day before or early in the morning before work. Hence, its usually cold or room temperature by the time it reaches lunch hour. 

The best solution for now is, the mini cooker! 

This is what's in the box. A set including a steamer and egg holder at a price of RM50!

I think its a pretty good investment, provided that it doesn't explode. ><

But, bear in mind, the plug does not fit Malaysia's socket. Which you can rectify it by getting a international plug adapter.

To date,  I've used this cooker twice, and the speed of getting the stuff heat up is at lightning speed. 
Which is a good thing, so that my boss doesn't catch me cooking in his office. hahahaha faster cook, faster eat.

In Taobao, generally there are two kinds of cooker. One would be the rice cooker kind and the other would be this.

Difference between both is one with removable pot (rice cooker) and one would have consistent cooking heat (as above picture)

I end up picking this, so that I can cook more variety but, carefully washing the pot, making sure no water touches the electrical part at the bottom.

So, far I only manage to cook simple noodles and it's pretty satisfying.

 Tomatoes, carrot, cabbage, chicken slices. Bring them to boil.

Add tofu and vermicelli noodles towards the end. If you want more taste to your soup, stir in the Tomyam paste.

This got my office smell like a coffee shop. Hahaha

If you're interested, here's the link . The reviews were good. So, I was more convinced. 



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