Her name is Nala

Her name is inspired by Lion King the Disney Movie. Yup, there might be a Simba in the future. ;)

Been dreaming for a dog for the longest time and I'm glad that the boy think the same too. The only thing is that he requested for a bigger sized dog instead, of those small cute ones. Alright, we agreed on the Golden nugget for they are well known for being the gentle giant monster. They are said to be friendly, gentle temperament and smart.

After having her for a week, yes, she's all the above albeit naughty, trying to outsmart us every single time. Taking the "Smart Tag" lane all the way, shortcut all possible tricks. Hahaha we cannot.

This is Nala on our first day home. She is 3 months old.

This is her on her first car ride.

One of her traits, always curious, curious of every single thing. She will give you that puzzled look if she can't brain something. It's pretty entertaining to watch that look. 

Could you tell which is Nala? 

Just like in this picture, she is #LikeABoss. I'm thinking she's a dominant dog as she always does things her way and refuse to change. Going to show her who's the boss soon.

She is so lazy, she don't sit but always laying. 

She's so fat, every time she runs she quickly lay to rest. Hahaha.

She bites every. single. damn. thing. Your toes and fingers are her favorite. Newspaper. Smelly dirty rugs. Your shirt. My torn jeans. 

She doesn't like to be left out, despite being so tired. 

Hahaha I was sitting at the backseat with her and I move to sit at the middle to chat with the boy who was driving. She just squeeze herself whatever gap there is and fall asleep there. Macam ini pun puas. Hahaha

And, not sure why she is so sticky when she's in the car, but not at home. 

Perhaps she thinks every car ride might lead her to not be able to go back home anymore. Hahaha

Nala is fearless, while other other puppy sob being vaccined. She just received it #LikeABoss.

That's our discovery of Nala on our first week together.

Welcome, Nala to the Ng clan. May you grow up healthy and wiser.




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