Such a backdated post.

We've already entered 5 days (almost 6days. lol) into 2013.

And, here I am talking about the past.

People should look forward! Look FORWARD!

But, I think sometimes we do need to look back and reflect so that we know what we have done. Be it good or bad things. LOL. (Ann trying to be a philosopher this year. Just kidding!)

Thank god for smart phone these days. I am able to recall what I have done last year. All I need to do is press "Home" press "Gallery" and scroll.

(Yes, I have a very bad memory recently. I even remember my best friend's birth date wrongly. Great. I think age is really catching up on me. :'( )

Browsing through pictures does bring tonnes of memories.

What I really liked that I did last year was to board the plane and to travel. It was my very first trip out of Malaysia beside Singapore. Yes, you can call me jakun.

To Macau, Shenzhen & Hong Kong

I like the feeling of traveling. Its that exploring feeling in a place where you never been before. Adventurous feel. (Okay, that's a little too much feeling involved. Hahaha) 2013, I will make myself to go for another trip. :D

Last year (sounded like it's been quite awhile), I handed my very first official resignation letter. Hahaha very emotional feel alright! My boss was really kind to me. Handing the letter makes me feel guilty.. well for a while. XD

 Bye bye External Auditing.

People ask me why. Even my parents was a little shocked of the sudden change. I have no reason. Just suddenly I have the urge to challenge myself. Change environment! And, get out of my comfort zone. So far (around three months in my new job), no regrets! By the way, I am still in auditing line. Just that, it's internal. Not bad, I tell you. Because I get to travel! Never I have been away from home for so long for work. Never have I treated the hotel I stayed as my second home for that week. Lol. So far, I've been to Penang and soon I will be heading to another place.

Next, I am not (I repeat NOT) going to post a picture of me in braces because it's horrible like that. My teethssss are not properly aligned yet and there are four gaps. Horror! Hahaha. Crazy decision. No idea where I got the courage to extract FOUR healthy teeth with anesthetic (lololol I am exaggerating!) And to place some foreign object in my mouth, attached to my teeth. Your teeth don't feel smooth anymore and you can't bite an apple just like that or eat Roti Canai with Dhal because Dhal or any kunyit-y thing will stain your braces and you will end up looking like you're having a jaundice teeth. Hahhahahaha.

I have my own accessories line? Me and my friend lah. It's still a baby. Hopefully, we will be able to make it grow well in 2013. Making them, able to sell them out to people is really a satisfaction that I can't describe. 


Opsss! Seems like that is all I did. A lil little if you read it like that. But, the journey to all these changed me physically and mentally. 

I know because I am said to be a little be nag-gy nowadays. My mum is complaining that I am her mum now and soon I will be promoted to be a grandmother. I am NOT grumpy ok! Just that nowadays outside is not safe, I am just reminding her that mahh... and maybe some other stuffs too. Just reminding! I am not nagging. Argh. lol.

Okay, hope its not too late to say.. Happy New Year. We survived 211212! 

Good Night.



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