Cameron Highlands

Hello! I was and have been busy recently.

But, I managed to go on a short weekend gateway to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands the week before.

Yes. Our some-sort-of annual thing if you realised.

The main objective has always been to "visit" grandma at Tambun. Then, the detour to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands since we drove halfway there.

This year's arrangement includes the extended family, instead of the usual three of us.

The general perception is like "Aunties. Uncles. Argh boring!" wait till you meet my uncles and aunties. They're one hyper funny exploring bunch. :D

Anyway, guess what time we left KL on Saturday and who drove? We left at 5am and I drove till Ipoh. Lolol. #proudestmoment sorry I am a very pampered child who sit at the back seat whenever we go out station. :D

The usual at Ming Court Restaurant. (directly opposite Foh San Restaurant)

I don't know about you. But the dim sum here no longer impress me. Remind me to eat other things for breakfast in Ipoh. Suggestion, anyone?

The parking around there is so limited. And my darling Saga got his first ticket by the municipal council there. Nope! I am not the one who parked the car. I am one law abiding citizen. Hahahhahahhahahaha.

After breakfast, we meet up with my dad's long lost cousin to go "bai bai" my great grandpa and grandma. Yes, my family tree revolves around Ipoh area.

Its been a while since we last "visit" them. And, we kinda lost the location of their "resting place". So, if you were there at that time, you did think that we are some sort of tomb raider or what. Hahahahhahha. Nevertheless, we found them and placed our offerings.

Next, we rush up to Cameron Highlands to meet the caretaker of the apartment I have rented based on Facebook and some calls. Daring me. But, thank god it wasn't some cone job pretending to have an apartment for rent.

Turns out the apartment was simple and most importantly clean. Its a penthouse. Duplex apartment with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. All equipped with water heater. Kitchen equipped with induction cooker, rice cooker, kettle and kitchen utensils. Can accommodate up to ten people. Its located at Kea Farm. Walking distance to the street selling vegetables and strawberries.

I think it deserves some promoting.

The view from the balcony.

Penthouse rental at Rose Apartment, Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands.

If you're interested, find them on Facebook. The owner is Mr Allan Leow.

Procedure wise.. He will just ask you to bank in some deposit. And, the remainder to be given to the key holder in Cameron Highlands. You are also required to pay an extra RM100 that will be returned to you upon check out. This is to safeguard their property la. What if you break their pots and pans right? And, you won't meet the owner one.

The apartment is also walking distance to a rose centre where is filleedddd with pretty roses. Since one of my cousins have never been to Cameron Highlands before.. (Don't ask me why. Lolol) we treat her the entrance fee to go in the rose centre. Lolol. Its only RM5 for adult. Hahaha.

Selca with ah rose.

Korean wannabes

Steal of the day.

A tray of strawberries at only RM20 because it was raining that time. #happy

Anyway, I returned to work on Monday, feeling like a zombie. Horrible Monday Blue. I guess too much activities for a short weekend. Lesson learnt.

I had fun tho.

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