You are mine, finally! :)

I did remember when I first introduced to this collection in Habib Ampang Branch. They have this whole collections of charms and beads. I thought it did be nice to own one. But, since it's silver, it's not really convincing to splurge on such things at that time.

That time, charm bracelets are the like the IN thing where you have plain bracelet and you pick charms that have significant meaning to you. Example, maybe I will pick a horse charm because I was born in the year of horse? 

In other words, the bracelet you are wearing on tells a some story of your life. 

I like the customised items. It makes me feel what I have is the probably, one of its kind. 

Anyway, finally I own you. 

Got to thank my sponsor. I really am #budaktaktaumalu

Just in case, you're wondering if the two white beads and the silver flower charm carries any meaning or not. 

Nope. It doesn't. Hahahahaha white colour looks pretty and so does the flower charms.

There's too many to choose from there. Will slowly add them charms one at a time and when it's full, it did be a story of my life. *excited

Oh by the way, one charm would cost 100+ ringgit depending on design. ><

Selfie time!

So... Does the pretty bracelet match it's pretty owner? HAHAHA how can I ask such question? Vain like that. Lemme run and hide now.



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