Energizer Night Race 2014

Can you believe that I took part in a race?

I couldn't believe myself too. *covers eyes*

The most unfit, inactive girl in school took part in a race. #seriouslywhatwasithinking

I couldn't even win a 100 meters sprint in high school.

My high school's cross country really made me felt like I have crossed the whole Malaysia.

What more, this. Hahahahha

Anyway, I've survived the night to tell you my story. #annlegend


Initially, my cousin initiated and brought up the idea to join this race.

So, what the heck, YOLO! lololl how bad can a run be right?

Just consistently jog around the park, improve my endurance level, and I'll be fine. Yup, I'll be finee... *self convincing*

And later, turns up the lady came up with this idea, missed out the registration date.

*inserts angry face* *sends picture of the crowd in Whatsapp group*

This is what you're missing, lady. Running with 15,000 people in the dark on the streets. Haa.

Our race started of with a firework display at 8.30pm,. 

I kinda find it funny that the firework display was behind us. So, should we start running or look back and admire the fireworks? lol #confused 

Finished my 5km fun run in 45 - 50 minutes. Woohoo super proud of myself. I know, I know, some people took only half my time to complete this. :P

Show you my finishers medal.

Then, show you my happy face.

Papa's first thought when looking at this picture: "Hmmm, shall buy this number." (Okay)



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