Ipoh Town

Going to Ipoh has been my family's yearly affair, if you realised.

This year round, we opt for something different where we chose to spend a night here instead of the usual day trip there.

Once we set our food (opss.. I meant foot) at the land of awesome food, we head to Yoke Fook Moon @ Jalan Leong Sin Nam for dim summmm. Mah favouriteeee! *widest smile*

Clock wise: Fried Yu Dan, Prawn Dumpling, Sweet & Sour Roll, Egg Tart, Baked Siew Pau and Kau Choi Dumpling.

Heh.. That's only half of the portion we had. XD

We tried whatever recommended in the net and everything is nice. *happy kid*

Then, we decided to explore Ipoh by foot since we had all the time in the world. 

Milestone #1 : We hit 20k steps that day. Double the amount recommended by specialist to walk in a day. :O Hello, sexy legs! 

Milestone #2 : We found all 7 of Ernest Zacharevic's street art! It's requires some treasure hunting skills. 

The murals are all so detailed, giving them a 3D kind of look especially, the one at bottom left. 
Ipoh's evolution from a tin-mining town back in the colonial days.

While hunting them (murals.), we discovered..

Plan B!
Totally didn't expect this because from the net, I thought they are located somewhere slightly out of town.

Selfie with Papa. Any resemblance?

In front of some random shop. 

Picture with half-drank-nicest-and-also-cheap-white-coffee. 
Drink all Ipoh White Coffee!

Hahaha there's a story behind this picture.
I was being my usual 38 self, excitedly heads to the Vespa for a picture, discovered the key was attached and exclaimed *rubs palm together* You're mine!.

Then, saw another Vespa with key too! I was like, why like this one?! *Hyperactive*

Turns out to be own by a group of Malay boys who were taking picture nearby, who have been observing me going crazy over their Vespas. *hides in a hole*

Milestone #3 : We discovered another street filled with drawings by an art teacher, Eric Lai and his students.

Model: Miss Ng
Photograph: Mama Ng
Creative Director: Papa Ng

Ahhh my side profile tak boleh pakai. Hahahaha

1, 2, 3.. Ready or not.. Here, I come!

After all the mural hunting, we walked to the busy streets which house the Funny Mountain Tou Fu Fah, Low Wong Tauge Chicken and Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken.. You know that area right..

Milestone #4 : Eating something different in Ipoh. Hahaha break the usual routine by going to this place called Lok Wee Koi.

Fruit Rojak. (Yums!)

 Some beef ball thing.

Ice Cream Float, the shop's signature drink. 
Bandung syrup topped with vanilla ice cream, and mixed with Ice Cream Soda.

During our trip there, we stayed at this place:

Shamrock Guest House
23, Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said, 
Kampung Jawa, 30450 Ipoh.

This place is clean and comfortable. Maybe it's still new. I don't know.




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