Taobao Loot - Nail Art Stuffs

Taobao gives me that cheap thrill when unboxing my purchases. Usually comes in a big box with many many small boxes inside. It makes me feel like Christmas all over again as a kid.

I mean with a budget of RM100, I can buy at least 5 piece of clothes.. what sorcery is this la right? You can't do this in Malaysia. lolol

Truth to be told, Taobao can be quite addictive, once you get the hang of it. It didn't even deter me from Taobao-ing, even though I'm a banana (A Chinese who can't read or speak Mandarin). *tearing laugh #ThankGodforGoogleTranslate I can even chat with the supplier for my refunds. hahaha

I've been purchasing things ranging from.. clothes, desk organizers, earrings, hand phone casing, stationery and now.. nail art stuffs. And, so far the things aren't that retarded as some people might have claimed it to be, when purchasing online.

And and, you get special designs that are not available in here. #OneOfTheKind *feeling special

Anyway, best thing to do before adding your purchase into the cart, is to always look out for their customers' review. Then, you are mostly good to go.

I like nail arts. A big fan of it.

I've been trying to purchase nail art stuffs from Taobao Malaysia but, wasn't able to due to unknown reasons. And, when the boy is heading to China, I made him get them. *devil face

The reason why I do my own is that I find saloons are charging at an exorbitant price. Just for painting nails...that might last you a week or two. Come to think of it, with that price, I could buy a range of stickers and colors, to change my nail design whenever I want #CheapSkate

Anyway, if you are following the nail art saloon's trend, hologram sheets, gold lines, chrome nails and marble nails are the IN thing right now.

Let me share you the link, just in case you have someone in China to help you get it:

1. Hologram Sheet (RMB1.20 per piece)
2. Sticker A , B , C (ranging from RMB1.80 to 3.50 per piece)
3. Chrome powder (RMB12.50 per jar)
4. Marble effect powder (RMB11.80 per bottle)

Note that the price are stated as Ren Min Bi.

I've tried the Chrome powder, and it turns out to be giving the glitter-ish  effect instead of, the mirror-ish effect. Not sure if I've used it right.. And, the gold sticker if you noticed.

I think that the picture didn't give enough justice to my nail art. *tearing laugh

It looks better in actual. Hehehe.



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