Nala at.. Four Months

Wait, what did I just type? She's four months already?! She's huge and heavy now. Guess she should just change her name to fat lump. 

We had her for almost two months and she's all we thought she is when we picked her up on the first day. A mind on her own but, better as days goes by.

 This is her first official portrait.

I initially thought of taking a picture of her sitting on the stool, but her butt can't fit on it.

This was her first outing with me and also my friends.

Definitely her priorities were set right, food.

And, she decided to poop in the car while we were on our way out. Thanks, Nala. Thanks.

This is her after learning how to climb up and down the stairs.

She only tried once, and she can run up and down really smoothly. I guess, she's a fast learner.

She needs to sit beside/on her human in car rides.

That's right, the pet seat cover placed at the back seat is pretty much useless. #WasteMahMoneyOnly

She likes to bare it all nowadays.

Pretty much an all night strip tease in the house. Hahaha

She knows how to enjoy car rides with windows down.

Wind down the window, and she will be distracted from biting my car seat buckles. Oh well, fresh air.

She's quite a photogenic dog, despite many commented on her Asian looking eyes.

Do you think she can make it into any dog audition and I can get some extra income? Or at least she can self sustain. Lolol #ThinkTooMuch

When you ask her to sit for a picture but, she wants her treat more.

I think she was a cow in her previous life. She grazes grass well.

She have stocking paw. 

Note the fair brown at her front paws.

All hail queen Nala. Note that the sun shines well on her.

She can jog with us, without her leash. This surprises us. Really.

As days passed, you can tell that her endurance level is getting better. She can jog longer without frequent stops.

That's Nala's milestone at 4 months.

Please stop eating them flies.



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