The Proposal

There's so many things to share with you guys, but so little time! I hope time passes a little slower, where I can get a little more things done, and do a little catch up with the rest of the close ones. 

Anyway, let me start with:
20th April 2017
The day the boy and I decided to stuck with each other for the rest our lives. lol.

That day was my last night of 3 weeks long audit assignment in Bukit Minyak, Penang. That time, we were both busy with our work as we were serving notice for our back then-job. It did never incur to me that he would request for an early release to surprise me.

He teamed up with my colleague to gain access to our hotel room for the set up. Hahaha this part quite funny. He asked me for my colleague's number two weeks (?) before, saying that he needed the contact in case of emergency. But, I was like "I don't think you need her number la, since we are finishing this assignment soon". He then had to reach her himself via Facebook. 

The day came.. My colleague and I went for dinner and dessert additionally to celebrate our last night. Then, we went back to the hotel and I open the room door to this view...

Stop and stare.. stare... pause... stare... hahahaha

"Come here", he said.

He got down on his knees and ask "Will you marry me?"

*Nods head* *Fit the ring on finger* *Deal sealed* *Take some pictures* *Clean up*

Hahahahhaha no drama one. Because both also feel shy with my colleague around. Taking our video some more.

Can you believe he decorated the room himself? He bought a helium canister and pump all these balloons. Heart shape rose petals checked. Tealight candle checked. Theme song checked. Memory lane photo checked. Hmmm got talent in event management is it? Hahaha

Hello fiancee!

Proposal essentials:

A bouquet of flower.

 And, a ring!

It's a pretty diamond ring with white and rose gold as its casing.

Behind story of the ring, after he fit the ring on my finger. I was so amazed that it fits. Like, "Eh, it fits. I don't even know my ring size wor." Turns out that, nowadays people come out with a formula already. Get weight, height and show the person your picture, the jeweler can estimate your ring finger size. Pro or not? Hahaha.

Proposal venue:

Damn shy. 

Here's to walking together in years to come, Mr Ng. 

Not stealing your last name, because it's mine too. lol.



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