Never settle for anything less

December, the last month of the year is here. Christmas is coming. New Year is coming. And for all you know, 2017 ends and we enter to a new calendar cycle.

When I was a kid, I felt that time passed really slow and when I started working, the planet just starts spinning a lot quicker. 🤔 And for all I know now, I will be turning 28 next year.

Some people of my age are already a successful entrepreneur or perhaps married and settled down or some still searching for that something in life. (Thanks to Facebook, you tend to be able to follow up with people's life). And, I used to wonder how will we (classmates) be different than each other when all of us are graduating from the same class. Look at where we are now. 😮

At current, I'm still chasing unicorns 🦄 in the glittery rainbow 🌈 sky. I thought that if I wanted to do something special, there won't be any better time than now. Responsibility free, no kids and if things didn't work out, I have nothing to lose and pick up myself again to start afresh.

It ain't wrong with people settling down, but it ain't wrong too for people to continue searching for that something special in life. Some found it early, some find it much later in their life.

You know, I realised that people might not know what they want, but they definitely know what they don't want to be doing.

Haha excuse me for all this life philosophy quotes, just can't help but to reflect myself once in awhile. Just that it's the year end, the more reason to do so right? 😊

Going through this year, made me realised what person I did like to be. There's lots of ups and downs, but I know why it all happened. I understand. Despite it all, I learnt that I'm the person behind the wheel of my life journey and although I'm not alone, I'm responsible for how my life unfolds. In any situation, I'll remind myself to:

Always be grateful.

Always choose kindness.

Always choose to tell the truth.

Never hold any grudge.

Live life to the fullest.

And, never settle for anything less.



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