New Year Paw-ty

We thought there are no other better ways to celebrate our new year but, with our drama #NalaNgtheGolden. We are like #stickypawrents 🙋, you know.

But, this also means this girl damn ho mia right? (good life in Hokkien).. Anyway, guess where were we headed to?!

Penang! The island with dog friendly beaches.

The only water place where she didn't mind playing and swimming around. Picky little bitch. (Hey, I'm not being rude but, this is what you call a female dog right?)

Golden Retrievers are known for their interest in water, puddles and mud. For example if there's a pool, they would jump in, no doubt. But, nope. bukan. bu shi. for Nala, she would quickly exit the pool. Till one day, we tried the swimming in the sea.. and she loves it. We are guessing that perhaps she like the wave.

Well, little toodler Nala decided to nap before all the fun begins.

We brought her to JDogHouse & Cafe, to play with other dog friends. Because you know, the more exposure, the better for her. #Tigerpawrents

She was initially intimidated with the number of dogs there and the size of dogs there. Hahaha but later on warmed up and start annoying the smaller house dogs, requesting for play. 🙄🙄

The pawrents had their lunch at the dining area with frequent checks at the window, spying on their toddler dog.

We observed that she love the hoomans more than her kind. Imagine her asking pets with all the guests there. #MacamAttentionDeprivedKid

Doesn't this looks like, hey, paint me like a French girl. Hehehehe

We liked it here in Penang where there are many places that is dog friendly. And, the people here too are also friendly with our Nala. We felt at ease. Hahaha 

Haha we even had a kid who wanted to release Nala from her leash when we were hanging out at a cafe. He kept saying Nala should run free and not tied up like this. He insisted and kept figuring ways to unleash her. I would also wish to, but its a public area, darling. Nala would probably run free and unable to find her way back to us. At one point of time, he figured how to unhook and I quickly hold on to Nala. He used all his strength to open my hand grip. Lolol I cannot. Oh well, that kid is also right at his thoughts.   

So, we read that the Japanese garden is dog friendly. But, nothing much to see there.

Nala is all in to follow the cafe hopping trend. Can you guess which cafe is this?

Courtyard, China House Cafe. The only section in the cafe which is dog friendly. Although it's outdoor, but it's pretty breezy with all the fans and trees. Comfy.

While it's all busy indoor, we had this section all to ourselves. Quiet, just the way we liked it.

We liked it so much that we decided to spend our new year eve countdown dinner here again later in the evening.

Here's the famous cake lined up table.

Our dinner spread.

Nala at her very best behavior or she was too tired. It was drizzling at the courtyard that evening, hence we had no choice but to be moved in. We kept her at a corner so she wouldn't disturb other people and surprisingly she just lay quietly under our chair the whole night. We were so impressed because she ain't like this any other time. Hahaha

Nala in a bar yo. She's definitely cooler than your dog. Hahaha us while we were waiting for our new table.

Happy 1st Birthday, Nala Ng the Golden! 

You are the most annoying, energetic, attention seeking, demanding, unapologetic Golden we ever met. 

Despite the many times of scolding, you still manage to find your way out with that puppy eyes. The number of furniture you destroyed. The number of  floor mats you destroyed. The numerous time of purposely pee in the house moment.

And, I've no idea where we get this huge amount of patience with you. But, I guess having you around, teaches us to be the bigger person each time.

To our many more adventures together.



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