Spaying Nala Ng the Golden

I thought that this post might be useful for some of the pet owners who is having a puppy and considering to spay/ neuter their dog in future. Because I couldn't find any articles by owner's on their hands on experience in prepping the dog before and what to expect after the surgery. 

I was fortunate to have a kind lady from the Golden Retriever Group for being really responsive to my queries. Because i'm like #superkancheongpawrent

Nala was spayed at age 1, about 5 months after her first heat.

If you ask why spay at age 1? We don't have any solid answer to it. We were just thinking if Nala could have her "normal" body as long as she can. But, never expect her first heat come so soon (at 9 months old). 

During the heat, the living room looked like a murder scene where the floor was stained with her blood. She was confused and kept licking the floor and herself. Quite sad to see her like that. Haha although is a natural thing. And, a stupid male stray dog who never bothered come to our house to hang out before, start sneaking around the house, making flirtatious sound to lure her at the late night. #defensivepawrentmodeon

The vet advised us to bring her two months after her first heat to do the surgery and we finally set it at 9th February. 

A week before the surgery, we kept prepping her on the surgery. Hahahah doing gestures of slicing her tummy but, what we got is as below:

You mean there ha?

*smacks head* Totally not focused.

Nala had to start fasting at 9pm the night before and stop drinking water by 8am (on surgery day).

I make a quick drop off at the vet at 10.30am, and was told her surgery is scheduled at 12pm.

I picked her up after work and she hurried to jump into the car but, didn't want to look at me. 

Not advisable to let her jump up the car, but I was not able to carry a 24kg dog myself. 

I got betrayed.

She was nauseous throughout the ride back home, and the road back home wasn't really on our side. It was winding and at one point I had to stop awhile for her to calm down. This is the after effect of anesthetic.

She wouldn't eat the whole night, and when she does that, she vomits. That's because she has not been eating the whole day, so I guess its gassy and the after effect of anesthetic. She laid down the whole night and emo.

The next day, I boiled chicken breast meat for her, but made a mistake of feeding her too much at one go. She vomited all out with bile. The horror. 

But, that was the last incident as towards the second half of the first day, our normal cheerful Nala is back. Hahaha that was a 360 degree change that I didn't expect.

We had to lock her up in the play pen, because she was running up and down in the living room and the last thing we want is her stitches to open up. We didn't have any problem with her licking her stitches because she knows she wasn't allowed to do so. 

A week later only we get to bathe the smell pot. Now she's well and up. 

I thought she would calm down after losing her ovaries. But, found her getting naughtier. I have no idea why.



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