Labourers' Day Out

I mean, how often does Nala bring her laborers' (us) out to play. Usually on public holidays only.

She watches on her Ahmad closely, making sure that he doesn't exceed the allowed speed limit.

Queen Nala ain't gonna spend those money on bills. 

Here's one with her personal butler.

Can you guess where we are heading to?

It's Penang!!

Initially, we wanted to go to JDogHouse & Cafe but, it wasn't open. Scrambled around searching for a pet cafe and finally found John's Getaway.

Well, it's pretty good because Nala can be at our side when we are eating and hanging around our table. The food served is pretty decent in taste and price wise.

Just that the parking spaces are kind of limited that we had to parked at the back alley.

My latte.

His special menu for the day, cheese chicken chop.

My super cheesy pizza.

His creme brulee that came with his lunch set.

Nala was a star that day, super well behaved, going around greeting people like she's the house dog.

Around 5pm, we head to the beach. Guess who's enjoying beach life?

You can see that she enjoys the sea now. Kept swimming, retrieving twigs. Normally in the house, throw how many times also wont retrieve.

And, when it's dinner time, we head to Mews Cafe. Another dog friendly place.

My Vietnamese Roll.

Nala just quietly lay under the table during our dinner. You know, battery being critically low. 

It's such a funny sight to watch for our hyperactive dog to be like on low battery mode in the house that night. And, it's even funnier when we go and disturb her from having her sleep, she gave us the death stare. #assholepawrent



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