I've got a mail!

How often do you get mail right?

I mean who on this era now do snail mail?!

Until recently started some obligations.

Then, bills in the form of mails start coming in.

*Sigh* sign of entering adulthood right.

Work for money. Money for bills.


Anyway, guess what i got in my postbox yesterday ?

Chatime membership card!

Hahaha chatime fan here!! Woots!

Actually, was jelly over Miss Diyana when she whatsapped me the card picture. It was mailed to her home!

I was like Why you have? Why me no have? :'( i also drink chatime. Maybe she drank more then me.

Hahhahahahahahaha. Ya la like this also want to jelly. Miss Ng Swee Ann.

Turns out that i also have the card! It was waiting for me at home after work.


But, why sent to me? How do you know i like chatime? Where did you get my details?


You still can't get this card yet. If you didn't receive the mail like me. Hahaha blekkk.

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