Roadtrip Report

Title: Johor Darul Takzim

Purpose: To find out if Johor a nice holiday destination or not.

a) fixed variable: Johor Premium Outlet (by all means must go)
b) manipulated variable: Authentic Johor food (Johor Bak Kut Teh, Muar otak otak)
c) responding variable: Our satisfaction

Hypothesis: If there's many nice authentic Johor food, then we will be more satisfied. :)

Materials: Petrol, water, snacks, cash

Apparatus: Car, Google Map, north south highway, touch n go, clothes

Procedures: (we are supposed to write procedures in active or passive form? :/)
1. We started our journey super early in the morning. It was around 6. @@"
2. The highway towards the south has nicer landscapes compared to the ones heading north. Maybe that explains the toll price is almost RM 40 per way.
3. We saw so many huge @$$ pineapples in the Pagoh rest area. We were amazed. Hahaha.

4. We decided to have breakfast at the super famous kopitiam by the railway station in Kluang.

Online reviewers said that the nasi lemak can be finish in four spoons, the mee siam is barb wire -ish but its nice, the toasted bun was soft in the inside and the kaya was yummy.

We tried them all and it was satisfying. :) so was their kopi ais.

5. We continued our journey to the Johor Bahru town. It took almost an hour? From Kluang. So, given that a girl have nothing to do in the car, with a secondary camera in her hand.. This is the result... :P

6. We head to find my uncle and his family for lunch. Guess what we had? Bak Kut Teh!!

Different compared to KL's one. They have that vegetable thing. No garlic. No you tiao. No claypot. Hahaha okay i think i got used to kl taste already.

7. We checked into Pariss Hotel, Skudai.Thanks to livingsocial, we got our room at RM95+ RM20 (weekend surcharge). Including breakfast buffet for two.

Everything was pleasant. From the counter people, to the room, to the bathroom, and their breakfast. You know that feeling if you go into to the wrong hotel with arrogant staffs that would ruin your entire day right? Well, not here. :)

8. We head to the main objective of this trip the next morning! Presenting you...

Johor Premium Outlet!

Hahaha i pitied my dad. Since it was all branded shops, he thought we will not take so much time to finish touring that place. Turns up that he was wrong. And ended there for four hours. Hahaha i know right... It was THAT long but we didn't felt so.

It was all open air concept. Only in those shops they have air conditions. I guess its their way to make customers to hang out in shops better then outside at corridors kot? Hahaha

I bought these two only! Hahaha the Vincci wedges was RM15 and the Nike air max was RM139. I saw a pumped up kicks that i really liked but didn't get it because i think it will make me look short. Hahahaha ==

9. We head to Muar's glutton street and i think i saw Namewee!!! Well i wasn't sure. The beanie, the look. Hmmmmm .

Well, all the online reviewers that said nice things on the food above. But, the only thing that got us addicted to was the brain brain. XD

Conclusion: Johor Premium Outlet was worth going to have a look at. Nice authentic food is all scattered over Johor. You can't stuff all in a day to try all their delicacies unlike in Ipoh. (where everything is nearby)
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