Hairy affair

Today, i went to the hair saloon..

And it was like getting a health check up report...

Within a few minutes.. Without any blood test done. Hahaha.

By just looking at your physical appearance.

Clearly i wasn't at a very good state.

Super kantoi.

He said..

my hair was dry and my scalp was unhealthy.

He asked..

if my eye power is high or not, or i just didn't get enough sleep these days.

Because my eye bags are like eye luggage right now.


I felt self conscious. Because a man is more observant than me. Hahaha he must have think this girl is NOT a girl for not being sensitive to her looks. Hahaha..

I have failed to care for myself properly. *sigh

Blame the recent workloads. It got more serious recently. :/

Anyway, he was nice for fixing up my hair. :)

But i am only 60% satisfied. Feel like want redye thy hair. Hehehe! #saveup!

I don't think my eye luggage is that bad.
Rightt ? Rightt ?

Haha okay la. Baby, good night!
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