Peekaboo! Today's look after work.

Ceria kan? Cause its Friday night!

And, i wasn't doing my usual routine today..

#lecravingforthycookiecrumblefrappucion #now!

My usual routine recently. To be exact, for the past four to five weeks.. It did be yum cha at Starbucks.

No idea how does Starbucks suddenly played such a big role in my life right now.

Last time drinking Starbucks is like a big treat for ourselves. I mean when i was a student..

RM13++ for a cup of ice blended coffee will get ourselves nag by our parents that time.

Well maybe its just me. Haha nagged for not being wise in spending our pocket money. #high5anyone? :P

Now it turned SO #mainstream that Starbucks is our new mamak.

I don't remember hanging out in mamak stalls or those cafes anymore.. Blekkk.

Someone must have casted a spell on me.
That Starbucks only can attract me. Kakaka. :P

See what i have got my hands onto recently?

Starbucks mini card & its keychain charm!

Okay lah have a nice nice weekend! :)
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