Life's brief candle

When your future is being unpredictable...

I suggest you live it simple. Fullest. Free!

I know work harder= more income..

But, have a balance between work and your personal life..

And try not to stress up yourself unnecessarily.. Its totally unhealthy for your body!

And when, they say take care of your health well.. Please do it. Even if you don't intend to do it.. At least think of your love ones alright?

Bahhh i don't nag you people for fun ya.

Just that, its #true story.

a man has left the world permanently last Wednesday..

Leaving behind two young girls which i feel so sad for them..

Can you imagine them going through 5 days wake.. And pressing the button to start the cremation of their father?! :'(

Can you imagine them calling out "ah pa sek fan!", holding offerings in front of their father's coffin?

Can you imagine them no longer able see their dad after school? Going out during weekends and play...

Such a sight. :,(

He passed away due to heart attack. He left without a goodbye to them..

Argh really a heart breaking scene.

So, take good care of yourself please.

Life doesn't just revolved around you.
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