My travel diary

Yellow! It has been a while.

Was supposed to blog about this trip the moment I reached KL.. But clearly procrastination is fully responsible for this delay.

Fortunately, after working for almost a year, this trip was kind of like a way of rewarding myself.

Haha like I have worked so hard. Right.

I spent my one week long summer vacation to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.

Felt like a refugee that week. Pulling trolley bag to train stations and ferry terminals and going through multiple immigrations..

Its kinda cool being a foreigner for a change. Instead of us seeing foreigners in Malaysia. Hahaha

Do you know the mainland Chinese thinks that all Malaysians are dark skinned? Hahaha they were shocked but, praised my fair and smooth skin. Hahahahahahahahahah. Funny.

This picture was taken in Window of the World, Shenzhen.

With this place, I can say that I travelled all around the world in 5 hours. #cheatversion

I have visited the Eiffel tower, Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, White House, Venice and etc etc.

Hahaha that place is worth visiting.

At the lost world.

When at Shenzhen, PLEASE DO loads of shopping and eating food like Siu Long Bao and Mongolian Steamboat style named Xiao Fei Yang because it's really cheap! There's two Xiao Fei Yang in KL but am not so sure if its as nice as the one I had there. *ledrools

And if you have the chance, do try out their manicure and let me know which shop is good. (cause I didn't get to have them done :C)

Nom nom nom. This tray only cost RM8?!

This bunch of clothes only cost about RM110?! Okay right?! And, its not the typical pasal malam quality clothes!

Travelling to Hong Kong from Shenzhen is a breeze. We took the train.

Must have when in HK!

One thing about this trip... I don't know if we are so lucky or what... We randomly enter any restaurant and order their food.. Everything just taste so nice. Hahaha macam so magical. Lol

Their egg tarts are like super yummy! Totally different from KL one. :C

Pretty view from the peak.

Went to Macau and got the chance to stay in Venetian. High class le. :P Don't jelly because I don't even have enough time to explore the hotel I stayed in. :C

Our schedule everyday during the trip is wake up early, walk till midnight, only back to hotel. My legs nearly disowned me. Lol

Do have visit at my Facebook album for a more detailed coverage on my trip there. #macamadvertising

Hahaha can't wait to go for another trip. :8
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