D.I.Y Sunday

Swee Ann's living skills are actually not bad alright..

Daebak right? I can actually sew a pretty pouch like that using that antique looking thing.. Called the sewing machine. Hahaha.

Guess my high school knowledge in Kemahiran Hidup was not wasted!

Took me quite sometime to do it.. Because tutorials online only show how to sew pouch with normal zippers.. Where the zipper will go in between the fabric and the inner lining. #ifyouknowwhatimeanthere

And, Miss Smarty Pants bought the lace trimming zipper without thinking how to sew them.

Outer fabric is my favourite pattern of course. Polka dots! Nyeh. Accompanied by pink narrow lined lining.

What's with all the baking and sewing recently, you ask?

In training to be housewife. Just in case, my career didn't work well.. And, provided there's someone willing to marry her. #justkiddingalright

Haha just enjoy doing them. They keep my mind busy and the end results normally makes me happy. :)

ps: Missing header! Ignore it ok till I have some inspiration on what to put.
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ms.bulat said...

wow! so nice! wish i knew how to sew~

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