Going two two!

In a few more days!

All the wishes I got was like age gracefully. Grow wisely. Like, what?!

Sounded super old and wrinkle-y already.

Rest assured i am still a pretty young lady.

A photo will do some justice right?

This was taken while waiting for le friend. (liking this editing application, photowonder)

Nyehehe had my pre birthday dinner with le friends in Plan B, Bangsar Village.

Super nice place macam Ben's.

Okay they are related. Owned by The Big Group. Facts checked by using Google.

This is the menu to many awesome food!

One of them is...

This something softshell crab something pasta. Super yummy! Thanks to Dupi's recommendation.

Chicken burger! Looks nom-my right!

Plan B's salad. Hmm not up to my liking. You can skip this.

And, like at Ben's, a dessert is a must to try!

This is nice too! Warm browie and cold ice cream. Nom nom nom.

Hehehe i think i have become their fan.

Next to try their breakfast set. Heard its super nom-my. The egg Benedict! Argh!

Anyway, would like to thank the four of you for treating me this dinner. :)


Can't bring myself to eat them. Overly cute!
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