Everything happens for a reason?

As cheesy as it sounds..

I thought my Monday could've been worst with me reaching office late...

No thanks to Mr Proton Saga playing ill...(I suspect he wants to MC.. Lol)

My dad and mum had to send and fetch me from work today.

Thanks, dad and mum. All the way from Cheras to Old klang road.

The jam you had to go through. I appreciate it. :)

What's even better.. I am glad I wasn't driving alone back today.. Or I might have become a victim of smash and snatch thief...

I don't know what are the criterias they were looking for...

Alone? Bags on passenger's seat? Bags on passenger's lap? Second or third car when waiting for traffic light to turn green?

All I know.. When it happens to you.. You only can hon and feel helpless...

I know cause I was in the car with my parents... Waiting for the traffic light to u turn to my home..

For all you know.. Suddenly you hear a loud hon. You look through the side mirror.. You see shattered glass on the road with a plushy.

Then, the thought hit you. Crap, that car just got smashed and snatched!! #goosebumps

Just two cars behind. :( luckily wasn't playing with phone. Luckily my bag was not on my lap. Lucky my parents are in the car. Who knows I did be the victim?

I can't help thinking like this. I wasn't ready for it. Imagine that poor driver.

For prevention: Keep valuable items out of sight. Alert at all times. Guess that would lessen the risk.
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