Occupation: Unemployed

I am temporarily unemployed.

I spend the last four days.. Lazing around.

This is really blissful.

Spend my first Monday that wasn't painted with the colour blue.. And my Tuesday without the need of getting up early.

So dear students out there who haven't start your working life.. Enjoy while you can. Don't complain for having to go for class. As class, compared to work... Is better.

Tomorrow will be my first day of my new job. Wish me all the best alright.

I shall sleep early now. So I can get up early and join the jam crowd.

Yup, I will no longer be chauffeured to work. Because my new work place is a little further from home.

Hahaha Opss if you didn't know my dad used to send me to work every morning and fetch me home every evening. I am pampered like that. <3
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