21st December 2012

The most anticipated date by everyone this year.

Are you?

I am I am! Because my employer just came out with a memo to everyone saying that we are allowed to go back one and a half hour earlier than usual.

To celebrate the... end of the world... not! But, to go back home and celebrate Chinese Winter Solstice with family. So sweet right? :)

Anyway, I had a crazy dream last night! I was telling my colleagues and they laughed at me! :(

Oh well. I think it's pretty hilarious too! Lololol! 

The day before, my colleagues were telling me about how everyone is posting in Facebook about the end of the world. The world be so dark for three days three nights? And, how people bought tonnes of candles and food supplies. I am not sure.

And, how the weather will be like on Friday.

Meteor Shower!. :S

Funny thing is that, nothing like that was on my Facebook's news feed. No one bother to share too!

All keep calm and ignore?

Anyway, my dream..

Meteor shower really happened. In a form of pretty galaxy colors and explodes into pretty fireworks. Hahahaha end of the world so pretty one.

I think I have seen too much of live galaxy wallpaper on my phone. That should explain why it appears in my dreams.

Then everyone EVERYONE ran out. #panicmode

Then then THEN, space ships start to appear in the dark sky. And aliens landed. OMG.

Colleagues: So how does the alien looked like? 
Me: *recalls* SOTONG! =.="
Colleagues: *Burst out laughing*

My alien.

No idea how my brain can coordinate them. But, memang omg. Hahahhaha.

I didn't made this up kay. My subconscious brain did that. #spongebobsfan

Hope this made your day. HAHAHHAHA



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