If you know me well, I have a soft spot for accessories.

And the collection I have at home.. Is enough to open a stall. Lololol.

Don't get me wrong. Not selling pre loved stuffs k?

Just telling you my love for accessories made me and a friend to set up...

Have you guys followed us on Instagram or liked us on Facebook already?!

If yes, thank you very much. If no, DO IT RIGHT NOW! :P

We can assure you that all items are hand made or not, it did be hand pick. So its all unique pieces and comes in pretty affordable price. *promoting mode*

Let you see some pieces we made.

So proud of them. Haha cause they were the best sellers during our participation in the Sacred Heart Church's Charity Christmas Bazaar last Saturday & Sunday.

That feeling in successfully selling a product of yours is awesome.

Really have to thank you for your support.

Support B.Joux1990!

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