*In Gary from Running Man style*

Omg. I don't know if its me feeling like crap now or responsibilities and expectations got heavier and higher respectively.

Lol. No matter what, I still need to keep improving myself or it won't do any good for me right? I need to manage them. Hold it up Swee Ann.

No point sulking or pointing finger to who is to be blame.

Reality check. Double check.

Welcome to the adult world, Swee Ann.


Action. Words. Thinking. You are accounted for everything you do.


In order to be able to protect yourself, you must know every single step you take and its consequences..

Hahaha bet you don't understand what I am talking about. When you get into the working world... You will know.

Don't let people have the chance to take advantage of you.

Don't let your guards down. Always be alert.

Practice transparency. What you do, you disclose. Don't twist things up and down.

Lololol this blogpost turned to 5 minutes working life survival 101 by Swee Ann.

One more day to freaking weekend!~

My face also stressed out. TT
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