Sweet By and By

What a hectic weekend and finally can get to say everything is settled...

So now, rest in peace, Kong Kong.

The day sending you off was the hardest..

Partly blame the band who played all your favourite songs such as "Tian Mi Mi", "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" & The Great Pretender. You can imagine the trumpet, the organ and the drum version of it. It was very touching. Plus, my childhood memories was filled with these songs..

The sight of Por Por being there at the sending off.. Is just heart wrenching.. TT

The idea to be cremated terrifies me..

The word death has a whole new deeper meaning to me now..

To keep yourself safe and sound always, or else your absence would affect your loved ones so deeply...

Anyway, yesterday (20/03/13) was the last day to settle. As such to collect the ashes from the Cheras crematorium and placed in the Christian columbarium somewhere near Bukit Raja..

But, I wasn't there.. Already back to work.

I heard only sons and daughter will do. So, I thought I will just go back to work.

But, turns out Por Por's little wish for us all to be there. In the end, my dad did on my behalf and the respective families do the same. :'(

My heart sanked, listening to that.

Ahh emotionally drained..

"Purify him of all stain of sin and welcome him into the glorious communion of heaven. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen."

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