Today's A Public Holiday

And, I'm working when everyone's on a break. Everyone!


Hahaha my newly discovered Hello Kitty emoticons are like.. so cuteeee!

Blogger should provide emoticon function, so that I don't have to purposely search for it.

And, since I found a whole set of them, I might as well use them all in this post.

Hahahaha I think you all will get pretty annoyed.

Anyway, mum got up early as usual and someone too got up early to pick up me to work and breakfast.

Working today doesn't feel that bad after all. And, the atmosphere in the office seem like a weekend.

When I first told people about working on a public holiday like today, they first asked if it's in accordance to our Employment Act or not. Hahaha concern people is concern. Yes oh, we are entitled to 10 gazetted public holidays per calender year and Malaysia have like.. around 20 public holidays this year. And, my organisation only don't follow 3 public holidays. Okay lo. *selfcomfort

Woohoo just heard that we are heading out for lunch. Did I hear Avenue K? Did I hear Sushi Zanmai? *excited

Oh OHH got to update something. I have REMOVED my braces last Saturday! Glad that braces only took me around 1 and a half years plus and didn't cause much trouble to me except.. there's once that I think I swallowed a bracket ( that thing that sticks to your teeth and hold the wire) because bracket don't just fall off your mouth without you knowing. So it should have went through my throat and to my stomach.. and..  :O *looks back at old post here * jumps around

My teeth now celebrate partial independence as I will go through retainer phase for 6 months.


How do I look? How how?

I keep telling my mum that I look different. I am not used to it! It's straight!

HAHAHA seem like post plastic surgery syndrome. :P

Yay to more Colgate smiles in future pictures. :D

Ou ou it's almost time. I think I shall stop here. 



Mr. Long said...

Hmm...looks different..
More aunty feel. XD

Swee Ann said...

All the while you also call me aunty de la. Your comment don't affect me! *keep calm*

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