Braces Fixed!

EeeeeeEeee. :B

Haha this the best picture i could provide.. Excuse the close up on my face. But :D Not that obvious right?

Opt for this. Which is more pricey than the usual metal braces because... Its less obvious.. Obviously.

He (orthodontist) suggested its better for me to have this since I am working and will be meeting people. COME TO THINK OF IT, I also want to feel good and confident about myself eventhough I am on braces. So a bit more of a price but you will be stuck with this look for two years. Bagi jer la.

Fixing them last last Friday was actually pretty easy and not torturing at all.

Turns out, few hours later, the pain comes and am unable to bite anything.

Anyway the pain is all gone now and it will come again every month when i visit the orthodontist to have them tighten.

True enough for the people's saying. Want pretty, don't want life. A direct translation from the Chinese proverb.

Ahhh one more thing, when i first got my braces fixed, not many that are able to accept it. Like, seriously?! @@

No offence taken alright.

Some say my teeth aren't that crooked. But, how much do you know about my teeth structure inside?

Some heard that I spend xk on this. They said they rather had crooked teeth and use it on something else.

I understand that you have different priorities in life that you rather spend on, instead of your teeth.

But turns out mine, is that i want a better dental health alright. v(^.^)v

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