Parfait My Style

According to the awesome Google (Yup if you know me, I Google everything! A little bit of curiosity..Google will be my solution! Anyway... ) Parfait can be archive by using the following formula..

Parfait = Tall clear glass + yogurt + fruits + nuts

To see if you have successfully make parfait the right way.. Here's a picture for you to compare..

Strawberry Parfait! #yums!

If you're not to sure what ingredients to get.. Here are some suggestions..

Honey coated cornflakes, plain yogurt of any brand, raisins, roasted almond flakes, strawberry! Simple ingredients. No weird weird or expensive ones. :)

FYI plain yogurt is awesomely sour.. So choose wisely on your fruits and other sides. Preferably something sweet and crunchy! Like the honey coated cornflakes and raisins...

Unless you want to have some jaw pain moments or some mushy gushy snack. Yuck.

Then if you're not sure which to begin with.. *tadaa a step by step picture to guide!

Just stack em' up!

Here you go. My nowadays not so sinful snack!

Ahha do try this!

Pick the plain yogurt on the supermarket's shelf and try this instead of the normal flavoured yogurt!

Can't force you right? But its nice!

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