Embracing Braces!

Yup I am all in for braces!

To straighter teeth, proper biting structure, nicer smile and a better dental health!



(Spirits still high after two days having rubber bands in between teeths!)

Haha nice things don't come easily lahh right.

For instance.. I have gone through a week with two teeth lesser.

And, additional two teeth lesser since last Thursday..

Am I BRAVE OR what?!

Hahaha one teeth some more need to be surgically removed.

Sounded painfully right?!

Haih consequences of having small jaw structure and many teethssss.

Now, embracing the uncomfortable-Ness of the rubber bands in between the chewing teeths.

Eat also, eat the softest food possible.

And, food no longer look appealing to me. :((

So long didn't eat rice, didn't eat roti canai..

Hahaha am i doomed or what? I'm only like few days doing these. out of the two years duration.

Maybe i can also control my eating in this way? Slim slim. Nyehehe.

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