Bento 1: Bear Rice Balls + Soft Boiled Egg + Tomatoes

20 days lunch box challenge! #20DLBC

Hahaha I challenge myself. To prepare lunch box to bring to office for 20 working days.

I only have the luxury to sit in my own office now (As we are approaching the end of the quarter. Writing report time!), thus it's the best time to kick of this challenge. #LifeOfAnAuditor We usually goes on fieldworks at client's offices. #Nomad

The food around my office area also no longer appeals me and it's not that cheap and healthy either.

Hello, Day 1's Bento consisting of :
  • A hard boiled egg (Moulded into My Melody's head, but you can't see in the picture)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Three huge flavored sushi rice balls (Mouleded into bear's head)

Enhanced Photo of my Bento.

Note to self: Let's not just mould rice balls. I think I should put some ingredient in it, tuna perhaps? Carbs overload. X.X



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