Kuching // 0416

Now that I am back in KL. Let's wrap up this post before I forgot the details. 

Day 2, the client brought me to a coffee shop (or known as kopitiam) right opposite my hotel, Grand Continental Kuching for breakfast.

So, obviously I would pick their infamous delicacy right?

Kolo Mee and Teh C Special (better known as three layer tea in Peninsular Malaysia)

This is really yummy. At the end of my work trip, I hand carried 10 packets of these to the plane and back to KL. It's quite heavy alright. 

This is Sibu's delicacy called Gongpia. The taste.. well, I guess this is not the nicest ones. 

When it reaches lunch time, the another client brought me out for lunch. This time round I was brought to the Chinatown area (Padungan Street).

Pig Leg rice

We later moved on to the local coffee cafe, called Black Bean. They roast their own coffee and the smell of it is.. so satisfying.

A cup of latte, please? They serve their coffee with a piece of peanut biscuit.

I then settle down with the hotel's Oxtail soup with bread for dinner. Guilty for indulging too much good food.

Day 3, I didn't do any food adventure. Too caught up with work and it rained really heavily. Speaking of the weather there in Kuching, is clear blue skies and random rainfalls in the afternoon. KL is missing that kind of weather.

Day 4, I start my day with my favorite combination at the infamous Choon Hooi cafe, which is coincidentally right beside the hotel I am staying at. Yummy food leads to happy tummy which then leads to happy mood to go to work, right?

Late afternoon, after lazing a while in the room, I decide to head our for a late lunch. WhatsApp my cousin for a live recommendation of food. Well, she said head to Lao Ya Geng. So, let's go! Googled up and it says 20 minutes walk. So, flag a cab and it cost me RM18. (Let's walk next time. It's pretty achievable)

Hello, Sarawak Laksa! We finally meet.

Another round of coffee. I mean, since I'm already nearby. 

Next, RM1 sampan ride (return) to the other side of the river. It was raining! Omg imagine the sampan is like so low, and it is raining!

Well, at the other side you get Kek Lapis (Dayang Salhah). And, I got 3 Ikan Terubok for RM10. Typical tourist.

If you start walking to the other end, towards the State Assembly building, here's what you will see.

And, it's quiet enough that no one disturbs you for your OOTD shoot.

Day 5, started my Sunday really late. Laze around and then walked to the Chinatown area for a kopitiam called Chong Choon which serves famous Mee Jawa (but it wasn't open), Sarawak Laksa and some miscellaneous kuihs.

 I ended up with this, Fried Yam with the last piece of Pulut Panggang. Not bad.

Walked back to the hotel to sleep, tv, nap, repeat till dinner time. The sun was scorching hot that day. Don't intend to get all sticky and sweaty.

Guess where the dinner is!

Top Spot Food Court. Located above the UTC Centre.
Please order fried midin with belacan. Its really yummy. The veg is not available here in Peninsular. 

Day 6 and 7, was quite busy with work. Only managed to tried the Sarawak Laksa at Choon Hui cafe.

Guess different stalls have their own taste.

That's all my food trail in Kuching.

How Kuching opened up my mind is that people of all races can actually sit in a kopitiam enjoying their meals. Something we don't see here in KL except in halal food outlets. 

I find it peaceful here (I mean, there's no traffic in the city centre on a Sunday) and everywhere is kind of clean. 



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