Botanica + Co, The Verticals @ Bangsar South

Woah, this place has been the talk of the social media town recently.

You know nowadays, as long as you have lots of natural lighting, plant and wood features, I think its already good enough to attract the crowds.

So, hispster wanna be also want to join in the hype and see what so good about it.

And, the time came when we needed a venue for a bridal shower!

I subtly hahhahaha.. suggested this place. You know la, my character of being loud and demanding #ThingsLeoDoes I didn't want to sound bossy in the group consisting some friends that I have not meet before. *closeeyes* After from potential new friends become enemy. Not very good lar hahah

Fortunately, they agreed! Yay, get to go see this place!

It was last LAST Sunday we held our very first cousin's high tea bridal shower.

Now, it's the time where my peers at this age group are starting to get married. The wedding dinners to attend and the gifts to be gifted. Lolol welcome, quarter life. Guess we are moving into a different stage of life.

Anyway, we started the day early with a lunch at Village Park. Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng!

Then, we rushed home to prepare the props in 30 minutes. I think, we did a pretty good job la. *patsback

We booked the place at 3.30pm and scheduled the bride to arrive at 4pm. 

While rushing there, some of our friends who have already arrived, told us that our booking was cancelled!

Wah super damn pissed with them. I mean, you do not strike our name from the list without informing us right? Where's your manners, please.

Then, they told us they have space for us. Right. Thank you so much.

We settled down and waited for the bride to be. 

Had some drinks and food. Played some games. Took lots of pictures. Food and drinks are just normal lo, to be honest.

Just a one time visit would do. 



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