Short Photography Session in Putrajaya

Before I start, let me make it clear that we are not professional photographers. 

So, keep your expectations on our pictures low, please. Hahaha

We thought of this as Huawei P9 kept advertising their camera lens being the nicest among other phones and, it did only be fair to our phone to have an opportunity to show their charms. Lolol.

We decided to go Putrajaya to take some pictures as we heard that the Pullman Jetty has a good view.

 We went there and waited for the sun to set.

We began to set up the newly purchased tripod for a nice picture of us with the sunset background.

And, moments when we are about to capture a picture, an unfortunate event happened. The tripod was not stable and the boy's P9 phone fall face flat on the hard concrete fall.

Our heart skipped a beat. The worst had happened, the phone's screen crack like spider webs. Terus don't want ambil gambar already. lol

Tapi, tambahkan hati and we took this..

 Beautiful mess kan. Hahaha the crack tepat-tepat on the front camera, jadi lah a tail light effect..

We kept our spirit high. lolol and continued by using my P9 Plus.

 Inspired by Leaning Tower of Pisa. Haha

 Sun is setting! Sun is setting!

We don't dare to use the tripod already. Don't want to risk my phone screen to crack pula.

 Picture taken by me.

Picture taken by him.

So, who took the picture better? Mine, right? Hee.

We moved on to the lighted bridge when the sky starts to get dark. While on the car, I called the Huawei hotline to see what we can do to fix the boy's phone as soon as possible. I mean, handphone is an essential thing these days kan. 

The guy who picked my call has the best courtesy, despite my stupid questions. I mean, those stupid questions were just making sure Huawei doesn't have an funny clauses that doesn't allow us to claim the warranty (Yeah, our phone has a 3 months screen warranty. Thank god for that.) And, all turns out well. We just need to drop off the phone at the service centre and the next day we can pick it up back. Sweet. Our mood just got better after finding out this. 

 How? Clear under low lights right.

 I looked like minah rempit here.

 Not bad right. Just that it's slightly red.

We didn't get to take much pictures as as we had to rush for a movie later on. Train to Busan! *squeals*

And, if you are curious on how bad the crack was. There.

Just like the phone, our hearts also cracked the same way when we saw it. Lol.

Damn the tripod. Is there any reliable tripods out there? Pretty sure the phone can take pretty pictures of us, without being risk of having our phone screen cracked like that again.



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