2F+ Coffee by Yellow House @ Bayan Lepas

Perks of having a job that takes you exploring parts of Malaysia. 

This time's assignment got me some allowance to explore around. Since there's some time between the after assignment and my flight back to KL, I chose to explore a cafe nearby, instead of going to Georgetown. Not going to risk missing my flight, thank you very much.

Thanks to Grab apps, going places are totally convenient, minus the part where the driver who couldn't find me, didn't take the initiative to call and ask where was I. Seriously lar, is it my responsibility to continuously look at the app and find you. You also have to play your part ma. 

Anyway, forget about that one bad experience. Not worth the negativity. With the help of another Grab driver, we found this hidden cafe called 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House. When I told him of this place, he was like, I stayed here all my life, I don't recall seeing this cafe. Thank goodness he didn't insist on his opinion and help find me this place.

So, here's the entrance. Open your eyes wide when you're at the street.

My cup of latte.

Shanghai Chicken Floss is it's name.

It's a cheesecake with salted egg yolk and chicken floss.

It took the waitress several minutes to convince me that it's nice and I should give it a try. I couldn't decide to be adventurous or on the safe side, in consideration that it's RM12.90/piece.

Nevertheless, it is worth trying. Hahaha I enjoyed that piece of cake. Yumyum.

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